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IT consulting voor professionals

At Spilberg Consulting, we support companies in their digital transformation with various services in the field of IT Development and Testing. Our mission is to match your skills and knowledge as an IT professional with the specific needs of the clients in our portfolio. If you share our start-up, can-do mentality, then join us and create your own future with a personal career path and our lifelong learning approach. We offer you everything that you would expect from a good employer, including excellent primary and secondary employment benefits.

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How does consulting benefit you?

Your personal career path

Your career as an IT professional Spilberg starts with a personal development plan. We take a systematic approach to pinpoint exactly where you stand in your career at the moment, define what your goals are and figure out how we can help you get there. That’s how we help you find the job that suits you best, both technically and personally.

Learning & Development

Knowledge, expertise and experience are at the core of our organisation. That’s why we offer courses and training sessions to keep you up to speed on the latest developments in your area of expertise and to keep developing your hard and soft skills. We offer a wide range of specialised knowledge sessions and talks. Would you rather take your training into your own hands? No problem: We’ll provide you with your own budget for training, courses and certifications.


Each month, we organise a meet-up with an inspirational speaker from the IT world. Our meet-ups give you an excellent opportunity to learn from someone who is a leading figure in your field.

Areas of Expertise

Staffing and consulting in IT Development and Testing is a complex, dynamic and wide-ranging topic. That’s why Spilberg divides the field into various specialisations, so you can get the help you need from a consultant who shares the same area of expertise as you. Your personal point of contact is always up to date on the latest developments.

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Ask our specialised staffing consultants for more information about the way we work and the job opportunities we can offer you. Contact us to learn more!



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