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Spilberg specialises in mobile development, DoNet, phyton, java, scala and testing

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There are many different job opportunities in the fields of IT Development & Testing. We’re happy to help you find the career path that suits you best. With Spilberg as your navigation system, you can be sure that you’ll reach the right destination. Each professional follows their own path. We are here to guide you, so that you can discover which direction is best for you.

Each type of employment we offer is different, and not every type will always be a good match for your exact situation. Our specialised staffing sidekicks are happy to advise you on all the possibilities. A freelancer who’s looking to become a permanent employee, or vice versa? We offer tailor-made career advice and guide you towards making the next step. What’s the right kind of job for you? How about working as a permanent employee or in an interim position on a project-by-project basis? Read more here.

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The experienced team at Spilberg helps interim professionals to quickly find the perfect project. Our vast network of excellent employers offers plenty of opportunities for any professional.

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A growing number of IT Development professionals are choosing to work directly for Spilberg. We’d love to offer you a career within our ambitious organisation. If you choose to work on a consulting basis with Spilberg, you’ll become part of our team, which gives you access to the largest Development and Testing network. You’ll gain vital experience working on a wide range of projects, while also enjoying all the securities of a permanent job contract. You’ll enjoy a variety of projects, but still get all the perks of a permanent job contract.

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​Choose search and selection

Spilberg knows exactly which job opportunities are available in the IT Development field right now. We guarantee that we can find your next employer, based on your specific wishes and expectations. We listen not only to what our clients want, but also to what you want as an IT professional, so that we can offer you a job that lets your talents come to life.

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