dotNET Developer develops and implements with programming languages such as C#, F#, Visual Basic or .NET framework.
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Your career in .NET/C#

As a specialised .NET/C# programmer, you have many career opportunities, including building web applications and mobile apps. We know all the candidates in this field, because we focus specifically on the .NET/C# market. We can tell when a specialist has the broad skill set and true understanding of Microsoft tooling that your organisation needs. We know exactly what our specialists have to offer, so we can be sure that they are the right candidate for the job. We are always on the lookout for new IT talent specialising in. NET/ C# We can connect you with projects and job opportunities throughout the Netherlands. The staffing consultants at Spilberg are here to help you boost your career to the next level. Here are a few types of jobs that we regularly offer:

  • C # Developer

  • .NET CORE Developer

  • .NET MVC Developer

  • ASP.NET MVC Developer

  • VB .NET Developer

  • Delphi Development Developer

  • Outsystems Development Developer

  • Biztalk Development Developer


At Spilberg, our consultants specialise in a single area of expertise and a single region, which means they know all about the IT job market. We are always on the lookout for experienced professionals who are looking to take the next step in their career. We offer job opportunities within our own organisation, as well as at other organisations within our network. It’s important for us to maintain close personal ties with everyone in our network. We are also looking for development and testing professionals who specialise in our other areas:

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