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20210527 Blindvriendelijk   Spilberg Be

How do you ensure that your website is blind-friendly?

In 2018 everyone is online. Unfortunately, this is very often forgotten in the case of visually impaired people. They run into many problems when they visit modern websites. These look really slick...

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20210527 De Beste Tools  Spilberg Be

The 5 best tools for .NET developers

​Microsoft's .NET framework is extremely popular among developers. And why not. Once you are "hooked", you immediately see the benefits: programming in the language of your choice, no worries about...

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20210527 Tools

No test automation without testers

​In agile environments, software is delivered according to a short-cyclical development method. It is no longer necessary to explain that test automation is indispensable in this regard. The best k...

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20210527 Freelance

To freelance or not to freelance

​IT Development is a broad market. As an IT Dev professional, you may be doubting whether you need to freelance. Consultant Alexander Adema works with IT Development freelancers on a daily basis. A...

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