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No two days are alike

Koen van Putten worked through Spilberg as a full stack developer at Deloitte. ‘We were working on ways of keeping Deloitte employees connected whilst working from home. The project I'm working on is called Deloitte Neighbour. The idea is that you can enter your postcode and find out which of your colleagues live within a radius of ten kilometres from you.’

The job

Koen enjoyed how challenging the project was. ‘The project was set up from scratch. That’s what made it so much fun. In my free time, I was working with certain tools. So, I appreciate that I had a chance to use those in my work as well. For example, I was working with ASP .NET Core 5 and Angular 10.

Koen is working as part of a large, diverse team. ‘We were a really big team, including interface designers, UX designers and service designers. I'm a developer. We do full stack development. We write the back end, the front end, the unit test and then we also make the pipelines for deployment.

full stack developer backend, frontend, unit test and deployment, work via Spilberg
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  • ​I was able to sign everything digitally. Getting started was quick and easy. I’m a big fan of the way Spilberg works.’ 
    Koen van Putten

    Koen van Putten

    Full stack developer

Our role

Koen says Spilberg takes the time to build a strong relationship with him. ‘I felt kind of a click. Other recruiters seem like they're trying to sell something. You get the feeling that you're nothing more than a CV to them. But it's different at Spilberg. With my contact at Spilberg, I feel like I can talk to them about what I like and what I don't like.’

Koen says the working relationship has been very efficient. ‘I was able to sign everything digitally. Getting started was quick and easy. I'm a big fan of the way Spilberg works.’

How we work

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