React event

All about React

Spilberg Office - Graanmarkt 2, 2000 Antwerpen

It’s all about React during our next IT Dev Café on Wednesday October 17th!


18:00 Burgers & Drinks
19:00 Easy Integration
20:00 Keep It Clean
21:00 Drinks & Networking
22:00 End

Easy integration - Ilja Strobbe & Jiri Crispeyn
Bridging a native SDK

When developing React Native apps, chances are high that sooner or later you need to interface with a native iOS or Android code base.
At Sentiance, this is a daily occurrence as we also create a native SDK for data collection. In this presentation, we talk about some of the lessons we learned to keep such an integration running smoothly.

Ilja Strobbe

Ilja is a senior software engineer with a background in theoretical physics who specializes in scalable software architecture, beautiful API’s and custom user interfaces. Out of the box thinker who is fluent in a number of programming languages and frameworks and comfortable with both frontend and backend development. Autodidact who learns quickly and is intrinsically motivated to get things done. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Willing to take the initiative when working both individually and as part of a team. Passionate about space travel, big questions, creativity and the fabric of reality. Applies string theory to guitars and pianos.

Jiri Crispeyn

Jiri is a front-end engineer who used to run a social network and an e-commerce platform, he also worked on several big web applications for Tomorrowland and -world, Mobistar, Record Bank and Cigna. He has been working with web technologies for more than 8 years, with quite some experience on large scale front-end web applications.

Keep it clean - Jeroen Bourgois & Pieter Michels
Code quality for your React code

We want to deploy fast, and we want to deploy often. But doing so, small bugs tend to slip through from time to time. We want to talk about some steps we have taken to improve the code quality of our React projects.
Provide typing for our code with Flow is the most significant measure we added to our workflow, but we do have some other small tips to share.

Pieter Michels

Pieter has over 10 years experience with digital marketing projects. He has built up a broad set of skills for making prototypes and budgets and for building and managing projects. He is pragmatic and likes to tackle challenging problems and then come up with effective solutions.

Jeroen Bourgois

Jeroen combines dedication and optimism in every technological project. He has been trained in 3D design, game and software development. He finds the energy and peace over and over again to succeed project after project.