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19 September 2023 16:00-17:00 OnlineRegister now
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Front-end developer, are you aware of the environmental impact of the websites and web applications you develop? It's big! In fact, if the internet were a country, it would be the 4th largest polluter in the world. In this webinar, green developer Nathan Waelkens shows you what you can do about it, without immediately changing the framework or programming language. After this inspiring hour you will know why you as a front-end developer are the new climate hero!


16:00 – 17:00 Live webinar hosted by Spilberg, Nathan Waelkens

This webinar is presented in English.

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The internet is not as green as we often think. Figures from show that the average web page emits 1.76 grams of CO2 per page viewed. With 75 visitors, this is equivalent to driving a kilometer in a diesel car. In this webinar you will learn why you as a front-end web developer are the new 'climate hero', who can make a serious impact. You will learn which new metrics we need to look differently at what we develop, such as energy reduction per conversion. It doesn't have to be perfect, but we need to do better: get inspired and lead by example!


Nathan Waelkens – Green Developer

Nathan has been an independent web developer for 20 years. He has always had an interest in nature and the environment, and could endlessly marvel at small creatures and the development of trees and plants in his vegetable garden. When he discovered the emissions and impact of 'internet' on the environment and society a few years ago, he started his new company Bitless: less bits, more meaning. He thinks web development could bemore efficient, besides - how we use the internet is simply not sustainable. During the lockdowns, he turned his vegetable garden into his workplace and that's how two of his passions came together.

In this webinar, Nathan discusses the need for climate-friendly development. He shows where we are now, what is needed to reduce CO2 and how you can make this measurable. Don’t forget the stakeholders: you’ll learn how to create internal support for a green choice. After this session you will have all the inspiration and tools to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of your digital creations!

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