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Spilberg .NET Programmer at MIPS
Dries Schuddinck

When I was approached by Spilberg in March 2022, I was already a .NET Programmer. I enjoyed programming, but my ambitions extended further. Project management was the next step for me. That was where I wanted to grow. So, that meant I had to start developing specific skills.

Open communication

There was no shortage of recruiters trying to help me get a job at the time. I was getting one bulk email after another in my inbox. But I actually needed more to figure out what my next career move would be. That’s when Spilberg called. The employee I got on the phone was refreshingly authentic in his communication. Based on my needs and interests, he clearly told me what Spilberg could and could not do for me. Through Spilberg, I started at MIPS, a provider of healthcare IT solutions.rg.

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Your own career coach

On top of finding me a great job, Spilberg also assigned me a career coach who really listened and asked the right questions. He advised me to take the PRINCE2 project management training course and enrolled me in some soft skills courses.

Ready for the next step

Now, I’m already ready for the next step. I find that I get more and more energy from working with people. So, my career coach at Spilberg advised me to become a community leader. That means I am now sharing my experiences and advising new Spilberg .NET programmers. Thanks to Spilberg, I’m growing as a professional.

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