Your career path

At Spilberg, we help you build a long-term career that suits your talents and interests. We help you achieve lasting employability with all the right training. When you become a Spilberg IT Consultant, it’s much more than just a job: it’s a career.

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Prospects for growth

Whether you’re just starting your career or already have several years of experience, Spilberg offers you new opportunities to grow. We help you navigate your career with a step-by-step plan and personalised growth paths. Do you want to transition from Consultant to Lead Consultant? Or broaden your horizons and master new areas of expertise? Are you ready to find deeper meaning in your work? Or are you an adventurer who wants to work across international borders? You choose the path and we help make it happen.

We support you throughout the process of planning your next career step. We also offer plenty of opportunities. Are you looking for a long-term position? Join us on a permanent basis. Or is variety the key to your success? We help you reposition as an independent entrepreneur in charge of building your own future. Tell us what makes you tick, and we’ll help you create a solid plan.

Upward bound

Are you ready to define an effective career plan? Spilberg is the place for you. We help you transition from Consultant to Lead Consultant in 5 steps, with a clearly defined plan to bring your career to the next level.

Career without borders

Are you interested in pushing your boundaries and launching your international career? We help you find the right path, with lucrative career opportunities in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

A vast network

Spilberg is part of Vibe Group. As part of our vast community, you connect with peers in your field, as well IT professionals specialising in other areas, including Data and Analytics, ERP, CRM, IT Infrastructuur and Cyber Security.

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