Working at Spilberg means growing at Spilberg. Grow through learning: on the job, online, offline, from team members and peers. Grow in your own way and in the direction that’s right for you.

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Your development

Never stop learning

There’s always something new to discover. Whether you want to get even better at what you do or expand into new knowledge and skills, Spilberg gives you the freedom to make it happen. Choose from our wide selection of online courses or sign up for external training offered by accredited trainers. Attend workshops with experts in your field or exchange experiences with your peers during our events, meet-ups or hackathons. Let our career coaches show you the way and find your route to success. Read more about how to get the most out of yourself at Spilberg.

Your career path

Choose your own direction

As an IT professional, you have your own unique talents, skills and ambitions. And only you can decide which direction you want your career to take. Whether you want to get on the fast track to becoming a Lead Consultant, work abroad or master new areas of expertise, Spilberg offers you the opportunities you need. Tell us about your plans and we’ll help you take the next step forward. Read about gaining control of your own growth at Spilberg.

What Spilberg Consultants say

Experiences of a developer

What’s it like to work as a Spilberg IT Consultant? There’s no one better to ask than our own IT Consultants. What opportunities did they encounter and how did they take advantage of them? Read the story of Dries Schuddinck, Spilberg .NET Programmer at MIPS, and see for yourself. Who knows, you may be the next Spilberg success story.

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