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Spilberg Mobile Solutions Consultant at Colruyt Group
Yvaylo Penev

The Colruyt Group is the parent company of the well-known Colruyt supermarket chain in Belgium. Besides these stores, the corporation includes around 20 retail brands. The organisation is at the forefront when it comes to applying new technologies. This makes it important to test and implement new innovations as quickly as possible.

Strong demand for IT innovation

Colruyt is eager to put new innovations to work. The company relies on the speed and stability of its systems to fulfil thousands of transactions each day. Its software also needs to work seamlessly on a wide range of different devices, from smartphones to specialised Zebra devices and cash registers. It’s a challenging environment for developers, who have to ensure that devices are monitored, controlled and kept up-to-date via mobile device management.

In early 2022, an ambitious but relatively young team was in charge of Colruyt’s IT development. To meet the company’s high standards, they were looking for an experienced IT professional to lead the team. They needed someone who could take the team to the next level and drive further innovation.

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Fuelling the innovation mindset

Because of his experience in Android development, Yvaylo was the ideal candidate for the job at Colruyt. For over one year, he has been applying his experience as a Mobile Solutions Consultant to further professionalise the Colruyt Developers Team. One of the first initiatives he launched was the introduction of weekly meetings in which team members were encouraged to openly exchange ideas. This gives everyone a safe environment to come up with suggestions. Yvaylo’s guiding principle is: if you can defend your idea well, you can implement it. This has led to a series of successful implementations, along with countless innovative new ideas.

Keeping pace with new developments and trends

Thanks to Yvaylo's experience, coaching and leadership, the team is now stronger than ever. They are delivering the high quality that Colruyt demands while keeping pace with all the latest developments and trends in their field.

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