Which prestigious organisation do you want to work for as a consultant? And what kind of projects will you work on there? Find inspiration in the stories below.

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Professionalisation and team development at Colruyt Group

Mobile Solutions Analyst Ivaylo's story

An innovative mindset is part of the company identity at Colruyt Group. The Belgian retail corporation leading the way in applying innovative IT solutions. At the same time, it places high demands on speed and system stability. It’s a challenge for IT specialists. This is where Mobile Solutions Consultant Ivaylo was tasked with taking the Developers team to the next level.

Read here how he got the innovative spirit moving at Colruyt.

Innovative IT for regional government

Functional Analyst Maaike's experience

IT innovation in government is challenging, because it involves a diverse range of stakeholders and regulatory hurdles. The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Flanders Regional Government in Belgium faced similar challenges. That’s when they brought Maaike Vanderperre on board to develop solutions that can be widely deployed within the cloud environment. She carried out extensive analyses that formed the basis for successful IT innovations.

Find out how she did this.

Consulting at Spilberg







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