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IT professionals never stand still. Your field changes by the day. To keep up with all the developments and innovations, you need to keep moving with them. At Spilberg, you’re never on your own. Your career coach is there for you. They help you find the best ways to continue your professional growth.

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Personal coaching

Working at Spilberg is more than a job. It’s a career. Your career coach supports you throughout your time here and gets to know your interests, skills and ambitions. This enables them to connect you with the right people and help you decide on the next step in your career.

Your career coach also helps you choose the right training opportunities from our extensive course catalogue. They help you create your own development plan to guide you along your career path.


Helps navigating our training course catalogue

​The range of training available within Spilberg is large and diverse. It can be difficult to make the right choices within this diversity. Your career coach will be happy to help you with this. He or she knows you and knows all the ins and outs of our training programme. Together you will draw up a development plan, on the basis of which you can make the right choices with confidence.


Connects you with experienced peers

To map out your development path, it helps to spar with an experienced peer. Your career coach connects you with a large network, including our Spilberg community leaders. These are experienced Spilberg Consultants, trained in providing career advice to other consultants based on their own professional experience.

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