Working as a Spilberg IT Consultant means getting the best out of yourself within our close-knit community. You become part of the Spilberg team and the broader Developer community. Within this community, you receive plenty of guidance and exchange knowledge and experiences with your fellow consultants. It’s the perfect environment for continuing your professional growth.

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Meet your peers

When you join Spilberg as an IT consultant, you become a member of the Spilberg team and the broader developer community. You meet your fellow Spilberg consultants regularly, take part in activities together, exchange knowledge and build strong ties. Your network outside the Spilberg team also continues to grow quickly. We invite you to attend our regular knowledge-sharing events, meet-ups and hackathons. This keeps you up-to-date on all the latest trends and developments in your field.

Community leader

Learn from a fellow consultant's experience

Making the right career choices is never easy. Get help from someone who knows what you’re going through. At Spilberg, we match you with a community leader, an experienced Spilberg consultant who works in your field and speaks your language. They help you learn which clients suit you best, and advise you on which training courses will benefit you most. You can also turn to them for help overcoming real-life challenges you encounter on the job.

Career coach

Helps defining your development path

As a Spilberg IT consultant, you enjoy countless opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills. We offer you over 10,000 training courses, not to mention a diverse range of leading clients and career paths. Your career coach helps you navigate our course catalogue and gives you personalised advice based on your unique talents, skills and interests.

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